Reading Goals for the New Year

Happy end of 2017! It's frosty and snowy where I am, in Michael's hometown. While I've read a bit, I'm happy to be spending the evening seeing some of my own family and cooking dinner with them!

What's the weather like where you are? Oh, and what are your readings goals for 2018?

It always amazes me how so many book lovers on social blast past one hundred books every year. How do they do it??? I consider myself a reader, but with a full time job, family, friends, a partner, and various time-consuming hobbies like becoming addicted to big Nintendo Switch releases, reading one hundred books seems insane.

So for 2018, my biggest reading goal will be... to read at least forty books. 4-0. Which, imo, is totally reasonable as far as goals go. I know I just spent an entire paragraph talking about people reading 100+ books a year, so maybe you thought I'd be a bit more ambitious, but no. I'm being realistic. I can't read a book a week and still invest every spare moment of my time in the recent Breath of the Wild DLC. (Wow, it almost seems like I won't have any time for reading if that's my plan. See, this is how reading goals get derailed.)

All things considered, forty books isn't an easy target for me, seeing as Post-University Me averages thirty-something books a year. But! It's also not too difficult, seeing as I've done it before in a previous life when I had more time. (First, second, and third years of university.) Forty is realistic. A little push to read more, because reading is fun and fulfilling and overall wonderful.

But that isn't my only reading goal for 2018! I have two:

  • Read at least forty books, as stated

  • Keep up the Tea & Tales Book Club, and figure out how to improve it, too

And yeah! I started a book club late this year. And even more impressive, because I know you're impressed by a person running a book club: despite running my high school book club and a university book club, I still have no idea how to run a book club. If you have any tips, they'd be very welcome. So far, we've read Murder on the Orient Express and met to watch the movie/discuss, and we've read Station Eleven, in which we met to discuss over breakfast pastries.

This next meeting, which is taking place early February, is for the His Dark Materials trilogy (hence getting an extra month to read everything). It's immensely popular on Bookstagram and a favourite of one of our book club members, so we're all having a go at it over the winter. Wish my little troupe luck in getting them all finished on time!

What are your reading goals? Do you have several? Are they big and ambitious, or small but important?