Sunday Whimsy

How is this the weekend as short as it is? You blink and it’s practically over. Seriously.

That being said, I’ve had a pretty good weekend. My haircut didn’t turn out horribly, I played Super Mario Party, I had a fun Friday night dinner with friends, had wonderful Saturday night dinner with friends, and am about to have what I’m sure will be a wonderful Sunday night dinner, also with friends. Tonight is hot pot, so I’m looking forward to picking out ingredients beforehand!

I am also going to take a nap, because I am very tired. How are you doing?

This weekend, we have the following links. A bit of video games, some autumn vibes, and a little Vlogbrothers love.

  • Have you played Super Mario Odyssey? It’s a good time so you definitely should. One of my favourite things to do back when I was playing was to stack goombas by possessing them and using them to jump on one another. Which I guess sounds creepier than cute… but believe me, it’s cute!!! Anyway, someone found the goomba stacking limit

  • Do you ever get Taiwanese beef noodle cravings? I do, especially when it gets cooler out. I tried Rhinofish’s beef noodle last week because it’s one of the closest beef noodle places to my work, and it was good, but definitely pricey. It also made me think I should try making it on my own sometime!

  • Two of my favourite party games are Overcooked 1 and Overcooked 2. Overcooked 2 came out about a month ago and my household has been having a blast with it! I’m even more excited now though because, they just released a DLC for the game called Surf ‘n Turf and it looks amazing! I can’t wait to yell at my friends on the beach and put out fires with squirt guns

  • If you’re looking for a gorgeous nature-focused Instagram with moody European animal and landscape shots, check out Remo Jacobs @livingitrural. (I love the fluffy baby cattle)

  • It’s pumpkin patch time! Last year, Michael and I went to the beautiful Westham Island Herb Farm to pick up our pumpkins, and I wonder if we should do the same again this year. Any other recs are welcome!

  • No sure how I feel about wearing velvet but I love the idea of this dress for holiday dinner parties

  • Last weekend I popped down to Bellingham to see Hank Green on his book tour for An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. Now some of my friends have finished it and I’m really feeling like I need to dive in and read it too! (Still suffering from book hangover courtesy of Bloody Rose, though)

  • I am a big fan of Earth as it existed millions of years ago, and my favourite informational video content comes from the YouTube channel PBS Eons. Eons goes through the history of life on Earth, up until the most recent Ice Age. It’s cool! And one of the few educational shows where I actually remember the information I’m being told, haha. One of my recent favourites was this episode on temnospondyls

And that is that! Enjoy your Sunday. I hope it’s better than you expected.