Monday Whimsy

Happy long weekend! Thanksgiving was yesterday, so the rest of the week is going to be a series of reworked leftovers. (I am looking forward to turkey broth soup the most.)

Saturday night I went down to Bellingham to attend the An Absolutely Remarkable Thing tour stop. It was fun and although Hank, the author and one of my favourite famous people, was sick (12 cities in 12 days sounds… tough), it was so great to finally meet him and get a peek into his debut novel. I’ll be reading An Absolutely Remarkable Thing after my current read, so I am very excited!!

Today, back home in Vancouver and still recovering from last night’s Thanksgiving feast, is a stat holiday. In an effort to appreciate the extra day off I’ve procrastinated on some work stuff I need to get done and I’ve started watching season 5 of Chef’s Table—one of my all-time favourite shows. Season 4 wasn’t my favourite (despite the fact that I love pastry), but season 5 started with Christina Martinez and it was a wonderful, mouthwatering, and touching episode so I am already happy and looking forward to the other episodes. Also, I really want to try barbacoa now. It looks too good.

Otherwise, around these Pacific Northwest parts it is rainy, a little chilly, and very autumnal. Good reading weather. I’m currently in the middle of Bloody Rose, which is very D&D-ish, and it’s a wild time. I love a good adventure novel, and Bloody Rose is adventure in spades.

What are you reading right now? I hope you make the time to read something that makes you happy.

Like, maybe, these links?

Because it’s Thanksgiving, I’m going to end with a small list of things I am thankful for: the people in my life, the dog in my life, the place I call home, food, books, and the privilege of eating good meals with good people. Oh, and Nintendo.

Have a peaceful Monday!