The Last Whimsy Post of the Year

Happy New Year’s Eve!

It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it? I hope you’ve been enjoying a bit of time off, and have been able to relax or do something cool or PLAN YOUR ENTIRE 2019 SCHEDULE. Hahaha. I’m the type to plan out my entire year just for fun, but what with all the travel around the holidays, it’s been a bit tough.

I hope no matter where tonight finds you, you are happy—or, at least, as the season often lends itself to feeling—hopeful. People love you and are rooting for you!

I don’t have anything particularly special for this last Whimsy post of 2018. Just the usual stuff:

  • My go-to online source for Chinese cooking, The Woks of Life, has posted a 25 Favourite Recipes roundup to end the year and I still need to try out their Taiwanese beef noodle recipe! 2018 was a year of me discovering how much I love Taiwanese beef noodle, more than ever before.

  • It is way too late to have a wishlist (lol) but if I had one, this classic donabe pot would be on it. Maybe next year?

  • I’ve been looking at a lot of indie games I’d like to try out in 2019, and this one’s on my list. Also on my list: Gris, Rain World, and Fe; plus much-anticipated Nintendo games like Animal Crossing for Switch and Luigi’s Mansion 3!

  • This was a surprise and I am very happy about it: Lady Gaga plays (and loves!) Bayonetta. What a perfect mix.

  • Amelia Diamond, my favourite writer at Man Repeller, is leaving the team to pursue fiction writing. While I wish her the best, I also am super sad I won’t get to enjoy her thoughtful, clever writing as much anymore! Here’s one of my favourite pieces by her—on social menopause.

  • What a cool idea: reading the world, one book (and country) at a time. Doing it all in a year seems intense, but I’d love to try it in the future.

  • One of my favourite artists posted her goals for 2019. There are a LOT, wow, but I love reading others’ New Year’s Resolutions because they can be so inspiring!