Hello, 2019 (Reflections + Goals for the Year)

It’s a new year and I am feeling good.

This particular arbitrary marking of passing time does wonders for my brain, so right now I’m feeling extra-motivated to think about my future and start new plans for personal growth and self-betterment. I’ve taken these past couple of days to reflect on the past year, take new steps towards my financial goals (I finally opened a TFSA, if that’s any indication of how far behind I am), and rethink my priorities going into 2019.

Last year, I wrote out 18 goals I wanted to accomplish in 2018. The car crash and ensuing injuries derailed a solid chunk of those goals, but I’m still pretty proud of where I ended up: I met my savings goal (minus some money that went towards the new car), got a full-time job in my chosen career, I did more nice things for friends, and pulled off two trips to Toronto, to name a few.

Even some of the goals I didn’t manage to pull off, I ended up impressing myself with. I tried over twenty-seven new recipes last year and ready thirty-six books. !!!! It feels good, and it’s been helpful to learn about how much time I want to commit to my hobbies.

In 2019, I’ve cut back quite a bit. I realized that if I kept making the number of goals match the last two digits of the calendar year, I’d eventually have an overwhelming amount of goals to track. So this year, I’ve written down nine goals, with a few other “intentions” to keep with myself for the year.

The nine goals are as follows:

  • Get my Class 5 (full drivers’ license in BC)

  • Take at least one cooking class

  • Play more video games

  • Try out at least 26 new recipes

  • Read 30 or more books

  • Save $_____

  • Take more pictures with friends and family because memories are precious

  • Get a certain raise

  • Make more stuff/pursue creative passions

A lot of these goals are about being a more responsible adult. (I mean, at 24, I really should have my full license.)

The reading one was a bit tough for me, though. I know I can read more than thirty books, so I why set that as a goal? Basically because I want to dedicate more time to other things. I don’t want to give it up entirely, but I also want to acknowledge that there are other important things for me to do. Like playing cool new indie games (I’m just finishing up Gris, which is beyond beautiful), and carving out more time to cook for my family.

Also, the car crash reminded me that I need to prioritize my health, so I’m making time to exercise. The physiotherapist I was seeing last year was really adamant that I work out, or else my muscles “will wither away.” I understand that I am very unfit; so, in an effort to not die young, and now that my physio appointments are done and I don’t have a regular source of physical activity, I’m going to exercise more. My sister’s boyfriend wrote me an amazing workout schedule for Christmas (he’s a personal trainer at the university he attends) so I do feel like I am well equipped to work on my health, and best of all, I don’t have to go to a gym! Because I would rather die young than go to a gym.

The whole exercise thing isn’t a goal for the new year though, it’s just a change in my life that needs to happen. You can congratulate me on the whole thing when I’m 85 and still kickin’.

Other “intentions” I have are just continuing to do nice things for friends, keeping myself open for freelance work, and keeping up the blog. Stuff I already know I can do, but don’t want to let slip away from the realm of habit.

What about you, though? Do you have New Year’s goals?

Hope this new year treats you as well as you should treat yourself.