Plans for the Weekend (And the Lunar New Year)

Plans for the Weekend (And the Lunar New Year)

Happy Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year is one of my favourite holidays, because it means good food and red pocket money. I feel like I’m getting a bit old for the lai see, though, even if I’m not getting married anytime soon. The Chinese side of my family isn’t very traditional, so a part of me does wonder if they’ll cut me off in the coming years… if you celebrate Lunar New Year, what does your family do? Are they super traditional, or is it just a time to see loved ones and eat a lot of food?

This year is the year of the dog—my year. I’m pretty happy about it, although anyone who’s superstitious will tell you that people born in the year of the dog are going to have a pretty mediocre (read: SUPER UNLUCKY) year. Thankfully, I’m not superstitious. I am, however, extremely susceptible to any cultural celebration that makes me feel special, hence the happiness.

Feeling special makes up for the superstitious fortune, so yeah, I’m heading into the weekend in high spirits!

I’m most excited for Black Panther, which I’m seeing this Saturday night. I try not to go into movies with high hopes, but I’ve failed hard this time. The trailers looked fantastic, the soundtrack is awesome, and I’ve only heard good reviews (minus that weird one about there not being enough punching). It’s going to be so good!!

I also have a book club gathering on Sunday, and I’m not finished the third book in the His Dark Materials trilogy. Pre-Black Panther Saturday is going to be dedicated to finishing the last three hundred pages of The Amber Spyglass, so wish me luck!

What weekend plans do you have? Going anywhere exciting? Reading anything good? No matter what’s planned, I hope it’s relaxing and full of good food.