Fighting Winter Blahs

I can’t believe it’s still snowing.

Someone remind me to book all my sunny, warm-weather vacations in February from now on so I can take a break from this gloomy cold.

I was going to make this an extremely long listicle about all the things I hate about the current season, but decided against it. Not to worry—I still hold all that negativity near and dear to my heart, and am letting it fester there until I get home and take a shower so scorching hot I’ve burned through it entirely (as well as the surface layer of my skin).

But no, I’m not going to write a long negative listicle. I’m going to take a page from hygge, the Danish concept of coziness that’s become something of a fad here in North America in recent winters. There are many pretty, trendy books on the subject, but they all seem kind of expensive, so I've never picked any up. Instead, I settled for reading several online articles about the subject. Now I’m making my own list of cozy things, and cozy feelings.

This is a win for mental health, right?

Everyday Bliss Experiences, Courtesy of Winter

  • A long, hot shower

  • Wrapping yourself up in layers of fluffy blankets and pillows, so you can comfortably read in bed

  • Wearing cozy slippers (hugs for your feet)

  • Eating hot curries and soups

  • Weekend walks in the woods

  • Not getting sunburnt

  • Listening to Bon Iver… ?

  • Winter sports (if you like winter sports)

This list isn’t very long. I feel like many of the wonderful things about winter are great up until the new year. I love curling up in bed, lighting candles, and smelling pine trees or whatever, but after several months of it I feel a bit stir crazy. Where are my summertime picnics in the mountains? When can I start wearing less than three layers of clothing? When can I see and appreciate the SUN?

I don’t know. I’ll keep fighting the good fight. I realize I am losing but I’ll keep trying.

What about you? How do you deal with the winter blahs, especially if winter isn’t a great time for your mental health? Is it a lot of indoor exercising?

All the best in this time of cold,