Sunday Whimsy

a few images & words for your eyes this weekend.

  • Not a whimsical read, but a good & thought-provoking one, for those who’ve seen Black Panther.
  • My friend sent me this link along with an “isn’t this SO YOU?” Yes. It is. The entire thing. Drooling. Flipping around, I also found my current dream jeans and then I wandered over to my favourite brand for beautiful bags and dreamt about this piece while also spying this friendly little guy. If anyone would like to gift me a little over $5,000 CAD for the express purpose of buying all of this… feel free!

  • This looks so good! I’m grabbing the ingredients today so I can cook it up this weekend.

  • Eight-year-old me would be very happy to hear about the constant stream of Kirby games that continues to this day.

  • The Tea & Tales book club has chosen The Paper Menagerie as our next book! I’m excited to dig in. Have you read any of Ken Liu’s short stories?

  • This brought a smile to my Ghibli-loving face.

  • If, like me, you are in search of some young adult wisdom, this is a nice short piece. Is there an art to looking “put together”?

Hope you're having a wonderful, relaxing weekend.