Blasting Off Into the Weekend

Blasting Off Into the Weekend

It’s almost the weekend! Remember to do something nice for yourself. Carve out a bit of time, jump into it, and don’t climb out until you’re feeling like you’ve gotten some well-deserved peace and quiet.

My oldest childhood friend is coming over tomorrow, and we’re going to work on a little food- and book-related project that should go up on Lantern Flowers & Shot Me in the Book on Valentine’s Day. We’re both pretty excited about it (!!) so hopefully things go well and my oven cooperates.

On Sunday, my family is going for dim sum (yum cha), so I will finally get my dim sum fix after what feels like 800 years but is probably more like two months. I love dim sum, even if it makes you tired for the rest of the day from overeating, so Sunday morning is going to be me wolfing down siu mai, shrimp spring rolls,* and lo mai gai**!!

In other food-related plans, Michael and I are also going to hit up a few cafés with some friends while the Hot Chocolate Festival is still on. I’m thinking Koko Monk sounds good, but others have some reservations about the flavours. Wherever we end up, I hope it’s good! The Hot Chocolate Festival is almost over, by the way, so if you’re in Vancouver, browse the list of potential spots to get your fancy hot chocolate game on this weekend.

Monday is B.C.'s Family Day, so if you're from around here: enjoy your extra day off! The idea with Family Day is that you make an extra effort to spend time with your family, so people go off to the mountains to ski. To be honest, though, I think most people without small children just chill out and relax. I'm probably going to binge read, since the book club I'm in is meeting the following weekend and I'm about halfway through the trilogy we're supposed to be reading.

What about you? Any weekend plans? I hope you get to sleep in and spend some time with people you care about, whether they’re family or not.


PS: This sculpture is by the water in Yaletown. I read the plaque but I'm still not sure what it is.... It reminds me of a rocket ship, though.

*I don't know how to spell the Cantonese word

**I can't actually speak Cantonese, but I have friends who try (and fail) to teach me!