Book Bites: Annabeth and Thalia

Book Bites is a collaborative series between two book-loving friends. Each month we pick a fictional series and plan a delicious meal around it.

Two demi-gods sit down to lunch. Despite their strong bond they’ve seen little of each other in the past few years. Adventures when they were young and on the run, yes, but then one went and got turned into a Pine tree. After returning to her original human form, she joined up with a squad of immortal huntresses, while the other kept busy at Camp Half-Blood, training other young demigods and getting drawn into your everyday fate-of-the-world prophecy-type stuff.

It’s March Book Bites time! This month, Shot Me in the Book and I chose the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series for our collaborative bookish meal.

I adored the Percy Jackson series in middle/high school. I couldn’t get enough of it—I bought the hardcover set that came in a treasure box, went to used bookstores and bought Greek mythology books, and in eleventh grade, survived a short-lived foray into the world of fanfiction. I loved this series. I still do.

Because it’s women’s history month, we chose to feature Annabeth and Thalia, our favourite young women of the demigod variety. It’s been a while since I reread the Percy Jackson series, but throughout middle and high school I admired both of them for their intelligence, resourcefulness, and strength in the face of adversity. Annabeth was my favourite character after Dionysus, but I sympathized with Thalia the most. I can't imagine a tougher situation than being a daughter of Zeus. (It did make her pretty badass, though.)


So cheers, to these two wonderful heroines--with a little Camp Half-Blood picnic board of hearty sub sandwiches, grapes, and chocolate chip cookies!

Grab the recipe for chocolate chip cookies over on Tasha’s blog, Shot Me in the Book. For the sub sandwiches, look below.

Ingredients for the Sub Sandwich:

-Sandwich baguette, with the ends sliced off and cut in half, then again lengthwise

-100g sliced Lyona sausage

-150g sliced turkey breast


-Tomato, sliced

-2 dollops of mayonnaise

-Bit of mustard

-Freshly cracked pepper (optional)


1) I don’t really want to tell you how to make a sandwich, since you’ve probably made one before. But for the sake of propriety: begin by take your two baguette halves (sliced lengthwise) and open them up.

2) Spread mayo, then a bit of mustard, onto each side.

3) On the “bottom” part of one half-baguette, layer some lettuce, half the tomatoes, crack a bit of pepper over, add half the turkey breast, and then half the Lyona sausage before topping off with lettuce again.

4) Repeat with the other half of the baguette.

5) Put the “top” halves of the baguettes on top, and you’ve got yourself two sub sandwiches!

5) Serve with chocolate chip cookies, grapes, and some apple juice. And maybe a magical weapon of two for some extra “demigods at summer survival camp” vibes

With the weather getting better, we hope you take some time to go outside and have a picnic yourself, demigod or no!