Sunday Whimsy

a few images & words for your eyes this weekend.

How has your weekend been going? I had to bring home work from the office, but I still managed to get in a bunch of fun things: a very Mexican-inspired St. Patrick's night, badminton with friends, the director's commentary of Thor Ragnarok, and later tonight, my friends' joint birthday dinner! I also finished The Last Black Unicorn by comedian Tiffany Haddish, so I'll be writing a book review in the near future for that. Fun stuff!

Now, for your Sunday afternoon Internet browsing...

  • Okay, this isn't real, obviously. But it's still amazing.
  • I love my tried and true buttermilk pancake recipe, but these gluten-free chocolate chip pancakes look so delicious and easy I might give them a shot sometime. Call Me Cupcake has the most beautiful blog.
  • I haven't planned any trips to Portland this year, so I should get on that. The only problem I have with this gorgeous mini city guide is the Voodoo donuts suggestion (they are truly nothing special, taste-wise). I'm also thinking I should bring back my pink hair...
  • This made me think of my sister.
  • From this month's Nintendo Direct, we get a big Splatoon 2 update... and Smash 5!!!
  • One of the prettiest bookstagrams.
  • Probably the least possible whimsical link here, but it's super useful if you don't know how to actually clean your cast iron skillet. Just your little everyday young adult things.

Have a happy Sunday. Cheers to another full weekend!