Sunday Whimsy

Happy long weekend and first day of April! I just checked my weather app and it looks like April showers are right on track...

But for now, it's sunny. The skies are endlessly blue and our streets and parks are full of clouds of pink cherry blossoms. I was walking my pup with Michael the other day and mentioned this—that our neighbourhood was looking magical and that I felt lucky to live in a city that was so dedicated to cherry blossom season. I also added, in case he didn't know, that my favourite colour was pink. He laughed. He cutely pointed out to me all the times I've mentioned my love for pink, and apparently I talk about it a lot? That being said, when we sat down to a big dinner last night, no one but him knew I had a particular affinity for pink outside of it being my preferred hair colour. So maybe I only talk about pink with him. That, or he's just the most observant of my friends and family...

Anyway, I hope you're taking it easy this weekend. If you're interested, here's some afternoon reading:

I do hope that this side project I'm working on goes well. If not, at least it's reminded me that children's literacy is a cause that's very close to my heart.

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon,