Why Am I Still Playing This Dumb Game

Somehow I am still playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. How? Everyone else I know abandoned it a month after it’s release. Yet here I am, dutifully planting flowers to get special Alice & Wonderland-themed furniture and shipping off my excess stuff to Gulliver in exchange for foreign snacks.

This game is still repetitive and boring. So why. Am. I. Playing. It.

Back in January, Pocket Camp actually inspired me to I boot up my old Animal Crossing: New Leaf game. I played it daily until about mid-March. I loved it. The animals were cute, I got to customize my house and town, and working gave me a sense of financial validation that just doesn’t exist in real life: I paid my mortgage off in a day! I funded the construction of a little cobblestone bridge for my town! I spent half an hour fishing and made 16,000 bells! In my little town of Portilla, life was good.

But I stopped playing, eventually. I forgot that they cut out a ton of dialogue from the latest Animal Crossing franchise, among other things, and so I got a bit bored. Time passes and you get swept up in other hobbies. I was okay with it.

But throughout it all, I played Pocket Camp. And I still do.



The “why” is rhetorical. The Pocket Camp team now keeps up a stream of new in-game events, and I feel compelled to get all those limited edition goodies. It’s also easy to play, because it’s on my phone. There’s usually a day or two in-between events, so there’s always something “new” to experience.

But I after this Alice and Wonderland springtime event, I think my dedication is finally waning. I think. I hope?

... Maybe I’ll keep playing, at least until the new Animal Crossing game is released on Switch.