Sunday Whimsy

a few images & words for your eyes this weekend.

Hi hello hey!

Happy Sunday. The weekend really flew by, didn't it? But it's possible I only think that because it's 3pm on a Sunday and I haven't gotten my work done. Well... at least I enjoyed my weekend. Sometimes all you really need is a night of Mario Kart & Jackbox TV with friends.

Here are a few links, snagged from the vastness of cyber space.

  • This article on good habits worth committing to has a couple if great ideas. I especially like the ones about writing letters and waking up earlier (it should be easier in the summer, right?). Is self-improvement always a major part of people's twenties? So many of my friends think about it and it's something that I've been thinking about myself, as the years go by.
  • Michael loves Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z, so I thought of him when I saw this.
  • I think saigas win for Animal That Looks the Most Like Something Out of A Sci Fi Story. Thoughts? (PS: Tim Flach does some amazing animal portraits)
  • I've wanted to do a California road trip for a few years now, and if I had the money, any one of these roadside hotels would be a dream to stay in.
  • One of the food bloggers I follow took a trip to Colombia recently, and now I'm curious about a corn cakes.
  • I made these fluffy lemon ricotta pancakes for breakfast today, and they were delicious!
  • I'm not usually one for vintage vibes, but I'm a huge fan of Linh (woodlandspirits). She's talented, inspiring, and often has refreshingly quirky & friendly Insta captions
  • The case for museums.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.