Sunday Whimsy

a few images & words for your eyes this weekend.

It's! The! Long! Weekend!

And it feels good. I spent yesterday stuffing my face with sushi and pasta, so no complaints there. I've also been looking at video games I'd like to buy, like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and the still-yet-to-be-released game Mineko's Night Market. I haven't been playing anything these past few months because I've been prioritizing work and reading and other things over button mashing, but I think this June it's time to get back into it. Especially with e3 happening and the Smash 5 invitational, which will be so exciting to watch! I honestly can't wait to see what Nintendo has done with the Switch installment of Smash Bros.!

Anyway, hope your day is going well. Here are a few links from around my corner of the Internet...



PS: This picture is from last month, on a trip to Hollywood Studios LA's Wizarding World of Harry Potter. "Tomes and Scrolls" was, unfortunately, one of the shops you couldn't actually walk into, but it was fun to peek at the display window!