Rice Lake, Lynn Valley

Let's get up and get outside! Rice Lake is a great choice for people who want scenic views without having to work too hard to get it.

Rice Lake is a quiet little body of water nestled in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve in North Vancouver, British Columbia. It's at the edge of Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, and relatively close to Lynn Canyon, so it's not difficult at all to access.

The lake has gotten a lot more popular with tourists in recent years (or maybe that's just me?), but it's still full of solitary moments and on a summer weekday it's likely pretty empty, save for a few people fishing for trout.

Last weekend, Michael and I popped down to Lynn Canyon to get some fresh air and feel ~Canadian~. We were with a friend from Ontario and her Vancouver-born partner, so we were doing touristy things and no touristy expedition is complete without the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge! it's over a hundred years old and there's some extra support being installed this summer, but construction signs everywhere reassured us that there was no danger of the bridge collapsing. Phew.

After crossing the suspension bridge, we walked past that deep, cold pool kids are always cliff jumping into, and up several flights of wooden stairs to make our way over to the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.


Lynn Canyon's forests are full of Jurassic Park-esque ferns.

From Lynn Canyon, Rice Lake is a bit of a walk up to the Headwaters/Reservation area, but worth it! (Parking closer is also optional.)


A little island you can canoe to in the middle of the lake.


Ain't it gorgeous? Bring some bug spray and a picnic and you've got yourself a picturesque lunch spot!

Late May is a great time to take a walk around the lake, if you're hiking around the area. Even if you're not into hikes, it's a short walk from the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve parking lot, so it's not inaccessible by any means. Just go early so you can get a parking spot!