Sunday Whimsy

Happy Sunday!

A lot of people around my office are still getting over the fact that it's already June, but I'm thinking... finally. I love summer! There's so much happening. Like E3, where they will, I'm CERTAIN OF IT, announce a new Animal Crossing game. And I'm not saying that out of built-up hope and desperation. (I am.) I'm sure they will also announce when Mineko's Night Market is being released. (It's been TBA for so long and we're already halfway through 2018!!)

The Smash 5 invitational is also happening, as is the Splatoon 2 Championship. Outside of the Internet (but all over Bookstagram), Bookcon is in full swing in NYC and convention-goers are getting free ARCs of Useless Magic, Florence Welch's upcoming collection of poetry & musings that I can't wait to sit down with next month. I'm consoling myself over having to wait an extra month by reminding myself that really, it's only a month and also, I have 5 other books to get through before June is over.

But June is also about barbecues with friends, beach visits, long walks with your dog, and the season 2 finale of West World. With sunshine and good weather you feel like you can do anything, even exercise, and have a good time. Three cheers for June!

What have your weekend plans been like?

And, as always, your eight weekend links:

  • There's a gudetama game and it's soooo cute
  • I need to book a plane to Bangkok so I can visit the first-ever official Totoro restaurant!
  • I l o v e izakaya, and one of my favourite dishes is ebi mayo. Time to try making this otherwise expensive dish at home, right?
  • I'm so excited about the recently announced Pokemon Let's Go games! I'm such a sap for Pokemon I teared up at the end of the trailer when Pikachu jumps back out of the screen. Make fun of me if you want I really don't care I'M SO EXCITED!! (Side note: Hopefully it's more like the original Pokemon games than Pokemon Go.)
  • In Vancouver, we like to complain when it rains every day for a month. Which is totally understandable, but can you imagine if it rained for two million years?
  • In fashion news, there's a documentary coming out about Vivienne Westwood and she's not too happy about it. I think it'd be worth a watch, though! She's such an icon.
  • One of my favourite foods as a kid was steamed bao. Simple, but delicious.
  • A lovely Bookstagram account filled with beautiful browns

Happy Sunday :)